OBJECTIVE: To reach a broad audience through my informative and compelling writing style.

• Impeccable grammar and sentence structure
• Outstanding ability to analyze, synthesize and research
• Proficient in English, Spanish and French
• Great versatility; able to write on a wide range of subjects
• Serious about meeting deadlines
• Passionate about topics such as: art, literature, beauty, fashion, business, health, fitness, travel, careers and more.

• 4 years of experience writing for (over 260 articles)
• Manager of the Makeup and Perfumes & Fragrances channels at
• Writer and translator on
• Worked on and
• Provided content for the Daily Glow Blog
• Have maintained a Photoshop blog with graphic design tutorials
• Written for
• Completed many small projects for independent clients over the years

• Bachelor’s degree in Finance-Banking
• Bachelor's degree in English and Spanish language and literature
• Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, Grade A
• Diploma DELE Superior
• DALF C1 Certificate

• Blog posts
• Feature articles
• Reviews (beauty products, music albums, etc.)
• FAQ pages
• Graphic design tutorials
• Ebook writing



How to find the right foundation for your skin
Makeup tips: How to create a 40s look

Makeup tips: What you need to know about red lipstick
Makeup brushes every woman needs
Makeup tricks for a flawless look
Tips for creating the perfect smokey eye look


Accounting terms: Depreciation, depletion, amortization
Advantages to buying an existing business
Advantages of being an entrepreneur
Common myths and misconceptions about entrepreneurs
• Disadvantages of being an entrepreneur
How to start up with cost per action (CPA) marketing
Major types of risks faced by entrepreneurs
The most influential people in business in the UK
Why do people become entrepreneurs?


Album reviews: Bionic, by Christina Aguilera
Album reviews: Talk That Talk, by Rihanna
Album reviews: X, by Kylie Minogue
Album reviews: Ultimate Kylie, by Kylie Minogue
The pitfalls of becoming famous


How to find flattering colors to wear
Spring 2010 women's fashion trends
Best colors to wear in autumn
Fashion trend: How to wear oversized earrings
Fashion trends: The winter 2012 color palette
Business clothes: Key pieces every woman needs

Foods to eliminate from your diet to become healthier
Guide to foods high in potassium
How to reduce a fever without medication
How to incorporate detox into your daily life
How to maintain a healthy immune system
• What foods help get rid of cellulite?

Jobs & Careers

Best fragrances to wear at a job interview
Places to find Internet proofreading jobs
How to make a good impression during a job interview


Conversational French: Knowing when to use c'est and when to use il est 
Danish language history
How to overcome the embarrassment of speaking a second language
Pronunciation tips: Word stress in Italian
Spanish verb conjugation: The subjunctive mood
Study ideas for learning a second language


Best places to enjoy the fall color in New Mexico
Best places for leaf peeping in Colorado
How to travel on a budget and enjoy it
Best romantic fall weekend getaway destinations
Key cathedrals to visit in Eastern England